storefrontWe’re the old kids on the block. We realized that rock and entertainment memorabilia would be a big thing before practically anyone else. Since 1974 we’ve been selling rock ‘n’ roll and entertainment memorabilia and collectibles, rare character and advertising toys, and popular culture items, too. Beginning in 1975, and continuing until 1986 we promoted a series of Rock Music Collector’s Conventions Rockages featuring rare films, concerts and a dealer’s room for selling memorabilia that are now legendary. Our Rock Relics Catalogs were the first to offer memorabilia exclusively.

During the 1980’s we owned and operated the infamous store, It’s Only Rock n Roll Gift Shoppe in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The late great rock poster artist, Rick Griffin, designed our It’s Only Rock n Roll King Kong logo. We produced three Rock on Video auctions in the days way before eBay (Pre-bay?). And we published an It’s Only Rock n Roll Catalog, from which many items were featured in national mail order catalogs such as Sony-Time Warner, Vroom, Doritos and on TV’s QVC.

We supplied and maintained an exclusive “memorabilia for sale” section in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Museum Gift Shop in Cleveland, Ohio from 1998 to 2008. From 2000-2003 we joined forces with Lelands, world known for their sports auctions, to create the Lelands Entertainment division specializing in Rock and Roll and directed six record breaking auctions.

From 2003 through 2007 we ran ItsOnlyRocknRoll.com Auctions which conducted nine record setting auctions and produced state-of-the-art catalogs that are now collector’s items themselves. You can view some of the record prices we set on the PRICES REALIZED link.

We are always looking for all sorts of items including, of course, rock and entertainment memorabilia, character, celebrity and movie memorabilia and collectables, and comic books and art work. We are working with two major auction houses, Hakes Americana; specializing in toys, comics, sci-fi, movie political,rock and roll and popular culture & Robert Edward Auctions ;Specializing in baseball ,sports and entertainment, that we can direct you to we can assist you with your consignments including arranging a beneficial consignment including authenticating and and appraising your collection in advance. Let us tell you about it . Deb & I work together in these areas for 40 years and look forward to working with you .We are now active with our clients want lists . Let us know what you are looking for also. We are always looking to buy or take items on consignment for our eBay store and auctions.

You can email us at rock@itsonlyrocknroll.com


These are some of the many record prices that we’ve gotten for our clients:

Jimi Hendrix owned Stratocaster                                                                               $185,000.00

The Beatles 1966 Shea Stadium Concert Poster                                                        $132,736.52

George Harrison’s Sister Beatles Signed “Meet The Beatles” LP                              $115,228.82

(80,000 Press Reviews Worldwide)

The Beatles  1966 Shea Stadium Concert Poster (Restored)                                     $  72,970.30

A Pay Receipt from June of 1961 Signed by Five Beatles!                                         $  45,192.48

Frank Sinatra “Strangers In The Night” Grammy Award 1966                                  $  58,605.84

Rolling Stones 1964 “Carnegie Hall” Concert Poster                                                 $  55,016.91

Motown Biggest Show of Stars for 1965 Concert Poster                                           $  52,280.65

Apple Records Lawyer Office Door Signed by Three Beatles & Others                    $  51,858.65

Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors Singer Bowl Concert Poster                                $  47,191.36

Jimi Hendrix Owned / Worn Flowered Shirt with Photo ID                                        $  46,683.00

The Beatles Sealed Mono First State Butcher Cover LP                                             $  44,695.90

The Beatles 1966 Cleveland Cardboard Concert Poster                                            $  38,309.35


Buddy Holly- Teen-Age Recording Stars 1958 Concert Poster                                   $  34,225.74

John Lennon’s Ivor Novello Trophy for “She Loves You”                                            $  30,975.00

John Lennon’s Signed Childhood Artwork (Wills & Bridges)                                      $  30,680.00

The Beatles Signed “A Hard Day’s Night” UK LP                                                        $  29,610.00

Rolling Stones 1965 “Voodoo Lounge” Grammy Award Trophy                                $  28,320.00

A Hard Day’s Night UK LP Signed by The Beatles                                                       $  26,550.00

Rolling Stones 1965 Film w/ Keith Richards (Electric Shock)                                     $  26,340.90

Toy Banjo on Original Card                                                                                        $  26,093.50

Miles Davis Trumpet                                                                                                  $  25,598.56

The 1934 “Oscar” Academy Award Trophy for “Krakatoa”                                       $  25,102.89

Elvis Presley Earliest Known Concert Poster                                                              $  24,570.00

Rolling Stones 1969 Altamont Concert Poster                                                           $  24,508.54

“The Biggest Show of Stars” 1956 Concert Poster                                                     $  24,310.12

The Beatles Complete Set of Sealed Mono Capitols LPs (13)                                                $ 23,400.00

Rolling Stones New Haven 1964 Concert Poster                                                        $  22,979.56

The Beatles Handmade New Zealand Concert Poster                                               $  22,540.69

A Note Written By John Lennon To Bob Dylan                                                           $  21,467.28

Trips Festival Cardboard Poster- An Aid Test!                                                            $  20,799.99

The Doors Group Signed First Management Contract                                               $  19,925.54

Nirvana Signed w/ Doodles “In Utero” Drum Head                                                   $  18,814.92

The Beatles Large Selcol Record Rack                                                                                   $ 18,720.00

The Who 1968 Village Theater Concert Poster                                                          $  18,552.82

Alan Freed’s Buddy Holly “Big Beat” 3-Sheet Show Poster                                        $  18,400.00

Paul Simon Grammy Award Trophy                                                                           $  18,307.77

The Beatles “Help!” Signed Poster                                                                             $  18,112.50

Otis Redding Boston Concert Poster                                                                          $  17,552.12

The Beatles Signed UK Programme                                                                           $  17,550.00

Janis Joplin Madison Square Garden Concert Poster                                                 $  17,471.63

Biggest Rock N Roll Show of ’56 Concert Poster                                                        $  17,323.05

The Beatles Signed Dezo Hoffman Promo Portrait Photographs (4)                         $    9,663.29

Dear Prudence Publishing Agreement Signed by John Lennon                                  $    9,551.59

The Beatles 1964 Forest Hills “Sold-Out” Concert Poster                                          $    9,528.98

Mick Jagger Handwritten Lyrics                                                                                 $    9,528.98

Apple Office Exterior Sign                                                                                          $    9,438.25

Frank Zappa Original Painting                                                                                                $   9,416.45

Jim Morrison Handwritten Poem from “The Lords and New Creatures”                  $    9,360.00

Grateful Dead First Painting Hawaiian Aoxomoxoa Poster                                       $    9,320.82

A Complete Set of Four Beatles Receipts, Each One Signed by One                         $    9,213.75

The Beatles First State Stereo Butcher Cover LP                                                       $    9,203.14

James Brown 1957 “Mambo Club” Concert Poster                                                   $    9,057.38

Bob Dylan 1961 Handwritten Lyrics                                                                           $    9,023.15

Grace Slick/ Jefferson Airplane Handwritten Lyrics/ Artwork                                   $    8,959.49

Rolling Stones Steel Pier 1966 Concert Poster                                                           $    8,959.49

The Beatles Unreleased 1965 Shea Stadium Audio Tape                                          $    8,940.53

The Beatles First US 45 Release “My Bonnie”                                                           $    8,920.09

Jerry Garcia Wetlands 1 & 2 Hand Signed Lithographs (2)                                        $    8,845.20

Frank Zappa Original Oil Painting                                                                              $    8,826.64

The Beatles “Mersey Beat” Poll Winner’s Issue                                                        $    8,213.06

Steven Tyler’s Guitar Signed by Aerosmith                                                                $    8,190.00

Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi Multi-artist Signed Charity Guitar                          $    7,944.76

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez Concert Tour Poster                                                             $    7,630.40

Mick Jagger Stage Worn Hat with Photo ID                                                               $    7,566.44

BG 109 Cream Original Concert Poster Artwork                                                       $    7,371.00

The Who Roger Daltry Stage Used Microphone                                                        $    7,325.64

Prince’s Schecter Cloud Guitar                                                                                   $    7,080.00

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Anglo Bubblegum Card Box                                     $    7,006.79

Aerosmith, Joe Perry’s BC Rich “Mockingbird” Guitar                                              $    6,829.98

Rolling Stones 1964 Autographs on Program Cover                                                  $    6,691.43

Rolling Stones Signed Autograph                                                                                $    6,523.60

Beach Boys Signed AFTRA Membership Applications (13)                                        $    6,504.75

Bruce Springsteen Handwritten “Night” Song Lyrics                                                 $    6,218.18

The Doors & Jim Morrison 1960’s Equipment Road Case-B44                                  $    6,142.50

Madonna MTV “Moon Man” Award                                                                          $    5,996.76

Woodstock Festival Cardboard Bus Poster                                                                 $    5,945.94

Jimi Hendrix Extraordinary Signed Photograph                                                         $    5,893.00

Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesty’s Request Promo Lenticular                                $    5,854.43

Louis Armstrong “Jazz At The Fair” Concert Poster                                                   $    5,850.00

Frank Sinatra Glen Miller Award                                                                                $    5,602.54

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Stridex Poster                                                           $    5,421.97

Bruce Springsteen “Jungleland” Handwritten Lyrics                                                 $    5,370.25

Bo Diddley’s Handmade/ Hand painted GUITDRUM                                                      $    5,060.89

The Doors Electric Circus Concert Poster                                                                  $    5,013.44

Vintage Earliest Known Quarrymen Photograph 1957                                              $    4,909.52

Grateful Dead Aragon Ballroom Concert Poster                                                       $    4,826.26

Led Zeppelin 1971 UK Concert Poster                                                                        $    4,791.60

Hells Angels/ Grateful Dead Party Poster                                                                       $    4,751.00

Bob Dylan “Self Portrait” Gold Sales Award                                                              $    4,680.00

Bruce Springsteen Born To Run Unreleased US Picture Sleeves                               $    4,680.00

Elvis Presley Signed Credit Card                                                                                 $    4,600.00

Led Zeppelin Tour Over Europe Poster Signed By All 4 Members                            $    4,551.97

Bruce Springsteen Capitol Theater Marquee                                                              $    4,453.79

The Fabulous Beatles 1961 Concert Ticket                                                                $    4,282.49

Live Aid Philadelphia Concert Program with 147 Si-B93gnatures!!!                         $    4,247.10

Janis Joplin Chicago “Cheetah” Concert Poster                                                         $    4,200.00

Buddy Holly/ Alan Freed Big Beat Handbill                                                                $    4,139.06

Ray Charles Concert Poster                                                                                        $    4,095.00

Three Tenors Signed Violin                                                                                         $    3,450.00

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