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Title Year Label Top 10 Hits
The Wacky Hijinks of... 1984 Buy Our Records 0
Humungousfungousamongus 1986 Buy Our Records 0
Cruising With Elvis in Bigfoots UFO 1988 Buy Our Records 0
Ishtar 1989 Restless 0
Sittin' Pretty 1995 Grand Theft Audio 0
Record Collection
Title Year Label Latest ebay price
"Let's Barbeque" 1983 Buy Our Records $4000.00
"Nice Song in the key of D" 1986 Buy Our Records $4.50
"Theme from an Imaginary Midget Western" 1988 Buy Our Records $.14
Title Year Label Format
"New York Thrash" 1982 Roir Cassettes Cassette
"We Got Power" 1983 Mystic Records LP
"Underground Hits Vol.2" 1983 Agressive Rock Productions LP
"Disorder,Disorder" 1983   Cassette
"Caught in the Act" split w/ Bedlam 1984 Buy Our Records 7"
"Big City:One Big Crowd" 1985 Big City Records LP
"New Jersey's Got It?" 1985 Buy Our Records LP
"Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 1" 1985 Gasatanka Records LP
"Adrenalin OD/White Flag" split 1986 Jungle Hop International Cassette
"Another Shot for Braken" 1987 Positve Force Records LP
"Four Bands that Could Change The World" 1987 Positive Force Records LP
"Rat Music For Rat People" 1987 C.D. Presents LP
"Mutiny On The Bowery" 1988 Mystic Records LP
"Ox Fanzine" 1991 Ox Fanzine 7"
"Best Of Flipside Vinyl Fanzines" 1993 Flipside records CD

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