Snausages the food of the gods,
a tasty snack for retarded children of all ages. You too can enjoy the lipsmackin' fun of snausages like the boys of AOD. So join the fun and take a bite today! Snausages, there not just for dogs. AOD heartily endorses a diet regiment constisting primarily of the wonderful, tasty faux pigs-in-a-blanket known as Snausages. Be just like your favorite stars and eat Snausages, Americas new favorite snack treat. Jack likes Snausages for breakfast, as a bold substitute for your favorite cereal. Paul likes Snausages as a side dish with his favorite fast food burger. Dave likes Snausages over rice for a satisfying dinner. and Bruce.....well, Bruce likes them anytime, as a snack or a reward. So remember, anytime is a good time for Snausages.

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