Best kissers

The Best Kissers had an all to short career in which they released three singles, two EP's and one full length LP. Here's a complete list of their musical output. Click on a title to get a more complete look at the release , as well as a picture of the sleeve.

TitleLabelCat #Format
"Take Me Home" b/w "Start All Over"Lucky RecordsLK0037"
"Broke My Knee" b/w "Split in Two"Crackpot Recordscps20667"
"Sweet Pea" b/w "Ohio"Lucky RecordsLK0107"
"Best Kissers In The World"Sub Pop Recordssp122CD EP
" Puddin' "MCA RecordsMCAD-10694CD EP
"Been There"MCA RecordsMCAD-10757CD
"Pick up the Tempo"onTwisted Willie CompJustice RecordsJR 0009-2CD
Gerald Collier-" i had to laugh like hell"C/Z RecordsCZ088CD
Gerald Collier-" Gerald Collier"Revolution Records24679CD

Look for information on the unreleased CD, "Yellow Brick Roadkill" in the future.

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