Best kissers

Here's a BIG wet Kiss to all the past members of The Best Kissers In The World:


A time line of the history of the Best Kissers In the World is shaddy at best. Here's what I have assembled at this point. The band, including original members Gerald Collier and Danny Bland, moved from Arizona to Seattle then proceeded to break up. After a short stint in Cat Butt, Bland decided to reform the band with Collier and Sven. Bland then left to join the Dwarves and was replaced by Dave Swafford. Sven's departure lead to a succession of guitar players from Jimmy Paulson to Jeff Stone. Swafford, who had been pulling double duty, left to play full time with Mother May I after the release of the "Been There" CD. His replacement was Flop bassist Paul Schurr. Scott Vanderpool, who is currently a radio DJ in the Seattle area, had a short stint on drums just after to the recording of the Sub Pop EP.

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