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"Another Day"
"Over The Years..."
"The Direction Of Things To Come..."
You need somebody to be with to feel complete.
So you look for what you need in everyone you meet.
Loneliness fuels your insecurities, and you think
"Maybe something's wrong with me..."
Take a little time to think about something
besides trying to find somebody to love.
Now the days are gone when you didn't care
What people thought of you, but now you're keenly aware.
'Cuz if you hide your flaws and play your cards right,
maybe you'll find someone to be with at the show tonight.
How could things have gotten so bad?
You're looking for someone to remind you
of what you once had.
Now you've lost your identity
But that's alright.
Convince yourself that anyone you find
Is just right.

In the city my mind's a mess.
No room to think, too fucking stressed.
It's hard to stop when you're obsessed.
Careful what I say, everyone's
So quick to judge me.
This kind of support
isn't doing much for me.
I need a chance to think straight.
Take some time to contemplate
all the questions in my head.
Sometimes I get so caught up
I need to stop before I lose touch
and let my chances pass me by...
Without feelings compromised.
Without feeling so confined.
With the city far behind.
Now I've left it all behind.
At least I've got my peace of mind.
I always knew I'd have to leave some day.
In the distance I can see the cars pass,
And garbage and broken glass trail out into the bay.
Thinking about what I want to do
with no one to tell me
dreams can't come true.
I know they never will if I don't try.
Sometimes I get so caught up
I need to stop
before I lose touch
and let my chances pass me by...

Walking in the shadows of
The buildings in the city
Through reflective windows I
Can't see anybody.
The businessmen wear sunglasses
To cover up their eyes
It seems like I'm the only face
In a sea of suits and ties.
Left outside again
On the outside looking at the world
Wondering "Where do I fit in?"
Where do I fit in?
Not in somebody else's ideas
Of how I should live
Not when I've got so much more to give.
Everyone hurries to their destinations
Making sure to show no sign
Of emotions.
Inside cars they relax in fake security
They drive by
And they don't have to deal with me.
But now I've found comfort
In my isolation
Made the best out of a bad situation
Found a few friends who feel
The same way.
We were outcasts in their world
But we're building our own world today.

You left sometime ago - and now I just don't know.
Bur for right now, I know there ain't no way
And it seems to me that you seem to be
A million miles away.
What can I do? I need to be with you
There's so much I've been meanin' to say
And I can't see why we have to be
A million miles away.
I had a dream last night - everything seemed alright
You weren't so far away
Sunshine in your eyes - makes me wonder why
I have to wake up alone another day.
And this lonliness just makes me feel depressed
But thoughts of a smilin' face
Assures me that there is someplace
That I can run to - that I can be with you
I can see it in my mind
So it's back up to Mendo one more time.
And I'll be back in the summertime
With a handfull of flowers and a bottle of cheap wine.
In the summer time.
And I know just where to find you at
And when I do I ain't comin' back, no
So long as you're by my side.

I am just a parasite - a rancid creature of
the night- with eyes that never see the light
Of day. Papers blow over empty streets-
People inside houses I'll never meet are
Feeling safe and safely wasting away.
They Are all inside asleep - living love that they
Can't keep - speaking words that they could
Never say. Dreams of learning how they might
Make amends and set things right- are
Conveniently forgotten the next day...
Safely wasting away.

Look at you so scared to grow up - and you
Know that I'm scared too - but I know I've
Got to move on 'cuz I can't stay stagnant
Like you. So I'll try to pick up the pieces
And learn from mistakes in the past.
Aren't you sick of hiding from your future,
Living every day like it's your last?
And you say your life's fucked up, you've got
Nothing but bad luck - you're sick of crying
And sick of trying and you're ready to give up.
You see your problems all put together
Pointing at you like a gun. But things look
Better if you separate them and deal with
Them one by one...
If you want to quit, and quit forever, then
Get the pain over with fast. But if you
Want to play the game Don't play the game
Half-assed. Now that it's all in front of
You, you're still just looking down. Why don't
You get your shit together? You've come
This far, why give up now?

She told me she'd rather be lonely, something
About living with pain. She was tired of
Losing, never gaining. Love once fun was
Now just draining.
"Love is forever" is just another promise you'll
Break. Those empty words that came too
Late mean nothing now. And memories just
Make me weak and make me wait. I guess
Nothing lasts forever. I gotta go far away
To spend some time, clear my head and get
You off of my mind...
We are lonely, we are only looking for a place
To call our own. We are looking for a sign,
Looking for a clue - Looking for some meaning
To the things we do.
RDC, a place to stay, looking through the rafters
At a sky so grey. A quiet empty place to go
Where blood ran fast but time moved slow.
RDC, a place where we set our inhibitions free
A secret place to hide away, but RDC is gone today...
Now it's just rubble.
Another addition to the blank scenery.

We've been blessed with this planet that
Makes us look so inferior. But there was no
Strict order here so it made us feel unsure.
And someone thought maybe if the planet
Could be paved - and changed everything so
Life was easier, then we would not feel
And this fear that springs from nowhere
Accelerates itself in our own minds.
It Begins to take control to the point that we
Find that we feel so helpless - that we
Feel so far down this hole. And it seems
That the only way out is to somehow gain
Control. So we lay down our rules and we
Begin our construction. With our invented
Authority we begin our destruction...
Started thousands of years ago and now
There's no escaping - concrete and steel
Are everywhere so we close our eye...
I'm not afraid to stop.

I can't take you home with me
Too bad 'cuz it's so hard to be
In love with no place to go.
You've got no home except this place you come
Surviving selling drugs doesn't seem so fun
But you're still so carefree.
In the cold dark night we can hide.
On the fire escape while the junkies inside
Worry about their next fix.
Chewing gum and holding hands
My friends would never understand
Why I fell for you...
Such a pretty mess, you ripped the dress
The dress you borrowed
Drowning in your sorrows outside the club.
In the cold dark night we can hide.
On the fire escape while the junkies inside
Worry about their next fix.
Chewing gum and holding hands
My friends would never understand
Why I fell for you...
Innocent and playful, you remind me
Of a little child
And all I ask is that you, you find me
Once in a while
Once in a while...

Why do words like "love" and actions of affection
Get taken as a threat or promise of devotion
Instead of just accepted for the beauty that they have?
When you tell someone that you love them
They act like you're taking away all their freedom
But it's giving, it's not taking away.
Love and friendship don't restrict and bind
Those chains are only in your mind
It doesn't have to be that way.
People act like it's something to be ashamed of
To lock away or hide behind closed doors
This kind of secrecy only breeds social scheming,
Gossip, lies, and misunderstanding
It doesn't seem that appealing to me.
Why do words like "love" and actions of affection
Get taken as a threat or promise of devotion
Instead of just accepted for the beauty that they have?
Why bleed all the meaning out of emotions
With all kinds of weird connotations?
Words will fuck us up enough by themselves.

Can you feel that?
Sitting in my room, I've got nothing to do
So I waste my time, and I fuck up my mind
She said "Can you feel that? It's a baby."
She said "Little baby girl, and it's your child."
It's better than t.v., and it's almost as free
Just one very small word
One hit and all my problems are cured
She said "It's a baby"
"Can you feel that?"

It was "us" and "them" we thought
And they had all been strictly taught
Just how to look and what to say
We used to look at them and laugh
Pretending we were so detached
We used to put them on display.
You were off being a recluse
Joining hands to tie the noose
You weren't sure just what to do
Things were getting really hectic
I was too distant to detect it
I hope you knew that I'd get back to you.
Then the lines were not as clear
And I began to really fear
'cuz it got hard to just get by
I felt badly out of place
And took some time to get some space
And try some things I hadn't tried.
Somehow we both pulled together
Hoping that things would get better
Yeah, there were some casualties
Along the way
But here we are, a few years older
I'm no convict, and you're no soldier
Smile 'cuz we made it to this day.

All my life I've been taught how to think
And feel. Had preconceived ideas before
Experiencing anything for real. My parents,
Schools, and peers made up my mind. but now
It's time to stop and look around and see what
I really find...
Question everything I've accepted without
Thinking. Make sure I have a basis for what
I believe in.
How can you make a real decision choosing
From a set of solutions that you never really
Questioned at all? Let me try to explain as
Straightforward as I can my way of thinking
For breaking down mental walls:
Drop self-imposed limitations that restrict
Your choice in situations and you can figure
Out what you really want to do. Take into
Consideration the affect of your actions on
Those around you...
Question everything you've accepted without
Thinking. Make sure you have a basis for
What you believe in. (Yes, everything)

You're just a fucked up kid and no one ever
Gives you a break, just a fucked up kid but
How much more can you take of the constant
Rejection looking for love and affection.
But no one will look at you - laughed at by
Your peers when you tell them your ideas,
They're just taking out their insecurities
On you...
You're just a fucked up kid and no one ever
Gives you a break, just a fucked up kid but
How much more can you take of the day to day
Frustration filling out job applications-
But no one will hire you. It's pretty hard
To survive when no one knows that you're
Alive. Think no one cares about you,
But I do...

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