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CONSIDERED to be the most diverse and interesting of the catalogs,

  • pages of the great bathroom reading !! The largest this catalog includes: the added layout and design from our friend at .

it also featured part one of an amazing Beatles collection. Magical Mystery tour bus sign ( featured on the cover ) ,Apple records items, ,almost 100 incredible Beatles autographs and writings. With letters, contracts, programs, albums , promo cards, checks, including the Wilburys, posters tickets , ephemera and displays.

Beatles record racks, super rare wig , guitar on display card and the usual selection of cool toys .photographs section, and the amazing 16 magazine Photograph archives.

Beach Boys ,Clapton-Cream ,Dylan,Dead ,the Who Hendrix Poster collection ( rare concert posters ), Single pages always exist for many groups represented like Buddy Holly, The Byrds, Alice Cooper, Allman Brothers , Zeppelin, Pink Floyd , the Monkees, ,

Stones section includes the Keith Richard electrocution film .Frank Zappa,the David Gest premier poster collection , the Ray Overton , Wichita Kansas R&B poster collection, country , jazz, the usual Fillmore , Psychedelic and festival posters .

Rare records and recorded material——————————–


IT’S ONLY ROCK N ROLL auction reference COLOR catalog

–Beatles Rock n pop Auction12/9/03

-Rock Pop & The Beatles 6/29/04

-Rock ,Pop,Bruce & The Beatles 6/28/05

-Rock,Pop,Posters & The Beatles auction 12/16/05 6/24/06 White catalog Louise Harrison cover 12/16/06

-Rock & Roll Photography & Memorabilia auction catalog 6/2/07

-The Las Vegas Beatles Memorabilia Live Auction Catalog 7/3/07


The online c\and live memorabilia auctions were legendary.

After coming onto the scene in 2003 with their rock & roll and entertainment auctions they became the standard o look to in the industry for rock & roll memorabilia, information, tracking and research .

They uncovered tens of thousands of pieces of rare, unique and unusual memorabilia

Which rarely surfaced in the public marketplace.

The auctions broke MANY world record prices and the catalogs included detailed research ,authenticating ,appraising and grading of this memorabilia.

Each catalog included the Beatles, POSTERS, REPRESENTED most OF THE MAJOR GROUPS: Stones, Grateful Dead , Elvis , Bruce Springsteen, The Doors, Fleetwood mac and so many others.

Also representing Blues, Jazz, movie, television and related memorabilia.

Ost catalogs featured autographs, concert posters , tickets, awards, guitars, instruments, wardrobe, accessories , toys, artwork, hand written lyrics, photography , programs and ephemera, records, trophies ,personal effects and awards, and so many never seen items .


Each catalog grossed over a million dollars each and prices realized for each auction are included


Every page is professionally photographed and laid out with extensive copy and historical data.



In 2005 Rolling Stone magazine said” The United States’ largest rock and roll only auction house”

CNN said “The biggest Rock and Roll auction “

“The most expensive rock music tag sale in the world “ Fox News & Friends

Forbes “Where to buy t he real stuff of Rock and Roll “

Robb report said “The Beatles Shea Stadium poster broke the sales record for a concert poster when it was auctioned at for $132,736.52”


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