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Pushead is most widely known for his album cover art for bands such as Metallica, The Misfits, Corrosion Of Conformity and Dr. Octagon. Click on the band name below to view the sleeves of your choice.

DESTRUCTORS"Cry Havoc And Unleash The Dogs Of War" 12"- six song ep on England's Criminal Damage Records. Includes a cover of "I wanna be your dog".

REST IN PIECES"Under My Skin" CD- New York Hardcore from 1990. Favorites of the CBGB's matinee crowd for years.

HIRAX"Raging Violence" LP- California Thrash metal band that featured now Junk records head Katon W. DePena on vocals. On Metal Blade Records.

"Someone Got Their Head Kicked In" Compilation LP on BYO Records (1982) This comp featured the Adolescents, Aggression, Bad Religion, Battalion Of Saints, Blades, Joneses, Social Distortion, and Youth Brigade.

"Barricaded Supects" Compilation LP on Toxic Shock Records (1983) eighteen band comp including Septic Death, Decry, Roach Motel, Mad Parade and the Dull.

MISFITS New Jersey's horrorcore band (or a cover band parading as such) with the "followup" to their legendary live album. Somehow Michale Graves doesn't scare me that much.

SEPTIC DEATH Pushead's own band. This was on ten inch vinyl with a limited pressing of 1000. Illustration of Screaming skull with guitar neck going through it.

METALLICA "One" Seven inch sleeve - skull atop quad amputee stump wrapped in bandages.

METALLICA "Eye of the Beholder" Seven inch sleeve - eyes of the band members

METALLICA "$19.98 Home Vid - Cliff 'Em All" VHS sleeve - Portraits of the four members of the band.

METALLICA "...And Justice For All" CD - justice, Pushead-style, from the inside the CD booklet.

METALLICA "A Year And A Half In The Life Of..." VHS sleeve - mummified reptilian beast passes the time.

DR OCTAGON "Dr Octagonecologyst" CD - Skull head doctor holding skull a la Hamlet with scalpel and mic in hand. Trippy jazz hip hop artist.

PRONG"Beg To Differ" CD - Pushead rendition of the three band members.

SEPTIC DEATH A bikini clad woman (Pushead style) in a cemetery. I believe this is from the first Septic Death twelve inch on Pusmort Records.

TAD The might Behemoth himself as he morphs into a Bloodlusting fiend. From Pushead Fan Club seven inch cover.

SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE Seven inch cover from Pacific Northwest band. SDRE are back together and recording for SubPop again

RADIO WENDY/ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT Two San Diego bands on one seven inch slab o' wax.

COPASS GRINDERZ Roadkill pushead style....that's gotta hurt!!!!

IN MY EYES "The Difference Between" CD/LP on Revelation Records. If your interested,this is available through Lumberjack Music Distribution

NECROS "Conquest For Death" seven inch on Touch & Go (1983) legendary punk band that toured with the Misfits and spawned Big Chief among other things.

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