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A rotating display of some of the more artistic works of Pushead. Click on a description below to view some of the other pieces in our gallery collection.


Stanton Clown design for Stanton, used on skateboard decks.

Bacteria Sour Compilation Card from inside seven inch compilation on Pusheads own label. Another Deadly woman pushead-style.

Crossed Out Twice Card from inside of latest Septic Death CD on Bacteria Sour Zombie woman with flowers.

Fan Club PostcardDeath Moth carrying the famed jar of pus

Hyperstoic #1 Boy and his skull from Pushead fanzine

Better Youth Organization Logo for record label and collective from Southern California circa 1982.

Fightback Zine cover English Punk zine from the 80's

EyedripBack cover illustration from 7" Pus Mort comp

Raunch Mailorder Advertisment from MRR with illustration and lettering by Pushead.

ZorlacAdvertisment for skateboard manufacturer endorsed by members of Metallica. Believe it or not, this ad appeared in Maximium Rock-N-Roll. Lettering by Pushead. Checkout Pushead illustrated decks over Hetfield's shoulders.

Pusmort Advertisment from MRR. A man and his mirror.

SwampWoman from a series of Swampwoman posters by various artists

Hydro Baby three dimensional model from a Pushead illustration

Pus Woman three dimensional model from a Pushead illustration

Fetus in Jar All bottled up and no place to go

Blacklight Poster The "Birdcatcher" design reminicent of Pushead's work for Metallica.

Metallica Poster Smell the velvet from this poster of a skull with a single rose....die, die, die my darling.....

Violent Grind Original illustration by pushead that gives new meaning to splitting headache.

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