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Pushead has headed up two different labels at two different time periods of punk history. The first one was called Pusmort. Included on it's roster was Septic Death, a band fronted by Pushead himself.

Just a couple of years ago, Pushead put together a new label called Bacteria Sour. It has quickly put together a more distinguished discography then Pus Mort. For a more complete look at these two labels, visit another great pushead site on the web.


PusMort Records
Cat #ArtistTitleFormat
0012-01DSeptic Death"Now That I Have The Attention"Mini LP
0012-02Various"Cleanse The Bacteria" World CompLP
0012-04Part 1"Pictures Of Pain"mini LP
0012-05Onslaught"Power from Hell" LP
0012-06Execute / Infernosplitmini LP
007VariousPusmort Sampler7"
007-03Septic Death"Kichigal" EP
007-04Exit Condition EP
0012-08Christ On Parade"Sounds Of Nature" LP
0012-09Sacrilige"Realms Of Madness" LP
0012-10Poison Idea"Kings Of Punk" LP
0012-11Attitude Adjustment"American Paranoia" LP
0012-12Neuroot / Fratricidesplit LP
0012-13Final Conflict"Ashes To Ashes" LP
0012-14Negative Gain"Back From The Dead" LP
0012-15Septic Death"Strings Of A Toy"mini LP
0012-16Chaos UK / Extreme Noise Terror"Earslaughter" split LP
0012-17Various"Thrash Til Death" Japanese Comp LP
0012-18Ghoul Squad LP
0012-19Gastunk"Under The Sun" LP

Bacteria Sour Records
Cat #ArtistTitleFormat
SOUR2V/3VRocket from the Crypt/ Bloodthirsty Butcherssplit2x7"
SOUR6L16"Curves That Kick" 10"/CD
SOUR7DBloodthirsty Butchers"Bloodthirsty Butchers"CD
SOUR9JFinal Conflict"Face Extinction"7"
SOUR13VVarious"Bacteria Sour"7"
SOUR14VFinal Conflict"Institution"7"
SOUR16Septic Death"Crossed Out Twice"CD
SOUR20YO. A. C."Zoom Trags"7"
SOUR22Devoid of Faith"Purpose: Lost"10"
SOUR24Rosewell Project"Maggot + Lies = You"7"
SOUR27VVarious"Bacteria Sour Vol. 2"CD

Bacteria Sour
P.O. Box 422986
San Francisco, CA 94142

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